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Men's Poker Night with Boobs

WARNING: What lies will scare you, shock you, and make you laugh till you wet yourself...or we can only hope. Here are the quotes from the first official card night with stinkins, babytoaster, chicagal01, and littlefootlll.

“Bethany makes me drool.” - Lacy

“You guys should make your own country…Belchum.” – Piety (to Jason and Jill)

“I’m the most transsexual out of all of us.” - Piety

“WENCH!” – Jason, Lacy (to Bethany)

“It’s really quiet in here.” – Jill
“That’s because they’re praying.” – Bethany
“WENCH!!” – Bethany

“It’s like guys poker night with boobs.” – Jason

“I am the Bethel whore.” – Bethany

“But I’ll settle for phone sex.” – Bethany

“We came out of the bedroom.” – Lacy
“In fact, I ran…” – Bethany

“Okay…Jason’s come out of the closet twice.” – Jill
“With Jill both times.” – Jason

“HAG!” – Jason, Lacy, and Bethany (to Lacy and Jason)

“Who needs men when we’re belching like them anyway.” - Jill

“You have to sing it like Britney.” – Jill
“We can’t sound that slutty…we’re Christians.” – Lacy

“You’re a girl for tonight anyway…wait, that means I’m a lesbian.” – Jill (to Jason)

“We did come out of the bedroom.” – Lacy
“No…she came…I ran.” – Bethany

“I’m a wild girl, what can I say.” - Lacy

Official Pet Names
Hag (Jason, Lacy)
Serving Wench (Bethany)
Oreck (Jill)
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