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(sorry for the cross-post)

I am exhausted! I judged almost all the rounds Sat and Sunday, except 3. Which is not a lot. I guess it's true that if you are an available judge, they will work you to the bone

The tournament was large, a good one for our team to go to :) Historically this swing has been good! And again it was.

I had some frustrations with team members from a certain school from North Texas.....grr. Let's just say that they really have no clue of what forenics manners are. Or normal life manners either!

The best part was parli. 2 of our teams advanced to semi-finals. My wonderful husband was a part of one of our advacing parli teams :) AND this was his SECOND debate tournament ever! He and his partner then tied for 3rd and he was 6th place speaker overall :) Our other team advanced to the final round and slapped the competition a fierce one! Go Luke and Steve!!!!

So this weekend brings yet another rest for the forenicators! I'm actually stepping out of my usual judging for IEs and will be over at the debate tournament judging. Dr. D really wants me to be in the parli judging pool so I guess this is a good experience. Phil, of course, is doing parli. He likes it better than extemp (don't blame him)

Just wanted to update....I've been living in the world of forenics and apologize if you are not familar with the terms/events!
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