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not_death_study's Journal

Number One Fear
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We are a group of People who are part of Forensics. No this is not about dead people, but about what people fear more than death....

*enter dramatic pause and suspenseful music*


*dun dun dunn.....*


This community is for anyone who enjoys public speaking of any kind. High School Speech, College Forensics, Debate, and any other ones that we dont' know about but exist.

And also for people who are interested in these types of entertainment (even though it is too sick and twisted to be entermainment, it still is) or for people who want to say, "I do for fun what people fear more than death itself, and my best friend is a wall. That and I was temporarily British."

Want to know more....

JOIN US! OR DIE.... (You will anyway, why prolong it?)


Just kidding....


Just kidding again. I wasn't kidding the first time....

Quit reading and join already!

There's nothing more to read now....

Okay, I lied....

Bad Jill! BAD!
*squeals as fellow forensicators take out spray bottle and chase her around the room with it*