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Impromptu + Team Size

I was at a tournament today at Stow Monroe Falls in Ohio. It was a lrage one- the school resembles nothing more than a muraled airport- and competition was pretty good. There were even more than 50 people competing in Impromptu, a new event this year. (of which I placed 5th). When I looked at the other schools, they seemed to average 30 kids. Our school... had two improptus, two duo teams, and three LD debaters. That's only 9 kids. It's like an absolute death of the team this year! So I have a couple of questions for you all:

1. Does your area have Impromptu?

2. How many kids show up to compete on an average Saturday?
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Ummm...well most of us around here aren't in high school anymore. But our college circuit has Impromptu, but I'm not quite sure if it is the same. Tell me what happens in your Impromptu rounds...

Anyway, the average Impromptu entry for our college circuit usually is around 50...and it usually break to semifinals...2 rounds of 6 people...I've placed 5th at one tournament this year and been pretty close 2-3 other times.

Anyway...let me know what is up with HS Impromptu in Ohio...we'll see how close it is to college.
*feels rather stupid for somehow not noticing this was a college list*

We pull three related subjects in a related topic out of an envelope, have five minutes to prepare, then go give a speech that is supposed to from 3-5 minutes long. The topics are things like Famous People, Ordinary Objects, Abstract Ideas, and Quotations. Most people regard the event as a joke, since we only speak for five minutes, and spend the majority of our time just talking to each other. We also don't et to see each other speak. It's a really fun event, and a lot of the people actually in it are competative... but it is also where duos who are missing a partner will go, or a person in one of the Interps who hasn't memorized.

We generally have 3 rounds of 4 to 8 people, depending on the host school's organization, and some schools have a "Power Round" to determine the top six placements
Yep...that pretty much sounds a lot like college Impromptu.

My experience has been you usually get a quotation and you have to decide whether or not you agree/disagree with the quote and give some concrete examples as to why...usually pulled from current events, literature, etc. I usually get some sports examples in, just because that is what I know.

Our tournaments usually go 2-3 rounds of 5-6 (sometimes 7, if the tourney is big) and then final rounds and what-not.