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I've been really thinking about it..

And there are too many people who do not know how to write a proper CA.

Of course this irritates the heck out of me, considering I did CA for 3 years and my senior thesis was bascially a giant 57 page CA.

If we could get more Bethel folks to actually write CAs (and trust me Dr. D and I would help A LOT) I think we could dominate--esp. at TCFL's.

In finals almost no one really used their method. They just kind of had it lurking in the background, but leaned on their own "expertise" to analyze their artifact. Not a good idea. Some people had 10 year old sources. Some had no sources. I kid you not.

So, Bethel people, let's get a storm of CAs out there. I don't care if this is something you are not comfortable with--remember, I was ONLY an interper when I took the CA challenge....

I'm counting on you!
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well, we have plenty of interesting topics in the CA files. Both Dr. D and myself are good sources of help :)

CA rocks--and its a good way to get trophies, since the category is usually so small ;)

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:) awesome.
I wouldn't be objected to a CA..I would just need a lot of help with it, plus I am already doing a ton of other events...
Trust me, when I first started in the event, I needed TONS of help. Of course as the years went on, it got better--esp since I did my thesis CA style ;) Dr. D rocks at helping with CAs.
oh yeah, I know he is!!!! I have no doubt he could help me write a beautiful one, I am just concerned as to if I can afford to add another event
you always have next year
that's true :)